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Mouth-Watering Foods That Pair Perfectly with Rosé

Why Rosé Is a "Food Friendly" Wine

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The pink drink is refreshing and crisp, which makes it perfect for warm weather and also for pairing with food, says Richard Olsen-Harbich, winemaker at Bedell Cellars in Long Island. Wine experts call rosé "food friendly" because it complements food (rather than competes with it) and doesn't interfere with flavors. Plus, the alcohol level isn't too high, which can mess with the experience of eating, he says. But that doesn't mean rosé goes well with every meal. Make a perfect match with Olsen-Harbich's pairing suggestions.

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Fresh Salads

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"A wine that's really aromatic can conflict with the fresh, green elements of a salad," says Olsen-Harbich. That's where rosés comes in. They tend to be more neutral, so they work better with those fresh, savory meals, like this shrimp and artichoke green salad with lemon vinaigrette. (Find more dinner-worthy salad recipes.)

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Fish and Seafood

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Generally, people pair white wines with seafood due to their acidity. (That's why lemon juice also goes well with seafood.) A rosé delivers that same flavor profile, making it a good match for fish, like this herb crusted cod, as well as seafood like lobster, shellfish, oysters, and more.

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Nicoise Salads

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Salads and fish both go really well with rosé, so a dish that combines the two—like a Paleo salad nicoise—is a home run, says Olsen-Harbich.

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Mild Cheeses

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Lighter, summery cheeses like goat cheeses—try this floral goat cheese—are a good match. Skip complex, earthy varieties though. (Then try one of these creative rosé recipes.)

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Summery Poultry Dishes

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Grilled chicken or chicken salad go well with rosé, says Olsen-Harbich. It doesn't get much more summery than this recipe for grilled chicken with a lemon avocado sauce.

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While they're not the first thing that usually comes to mind, simple, light summer stews or cold soups, like this Spanish gazpacho are also a good match for rosé, says Olsen-Harbich.

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Vegetarian Meals

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Rosé will complement the lighter, more subtle flavors of vegetables. Crack open a bottle with these grilled Brussels sprouts. For more ideas, see these 10 healthy twists on grilled vegetables.

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