Which part of the bird you eat can make or break your Thanksgiving calorie bank.


There's always a fight between the men as to who will eat the turkey legs at my family's Thanksgiving dinner. Luckily, I don't like the greasy dark meat or turkey skin but if you do, and it's just once a year, (say no to a week of leftovers with fatty skin) I say go ahead and indulge!

But biter beware you may be adding a lot of fat and calories. I decided to find out just what the difference is between white and dark meat, skin versus no skin so you can decide what works for you. Want that slice of pumpkin pie-ala mode? Maybe skip the skin. It's up to you where you want to splurge and where you want to save. Me? I'm a dessert girl but I'm making room for a ladle full of gravy on top of my skinless white meat too!

*Calories in turkey calculated based on a 4oz serving.

White meat with skin

185 calories

1.4g saturated fat

33g protein

White meat, no skin

158 calories

.4g saturated fat

34g protein

Dark meat with skin

206 calories

2.4g saturated fat

33g protein

Dark meat, no skin

183 calories

1.6g saturated fat

33g protein

Wing with skin

256 calories

4g saturated fat

32g protein

Wing, no skin

184 calories

1.2g saturated fat

34.9g protein