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5-Ingredient Homemade Granola You Can Make In the Microwave

The idea of making your own granola at home always sounds appealing—you can stop buying those $10 bags at the store and you can decide exactly what you put in it (no seeds, more nuts). But the process is usually quite involved (read: long), so you give up before really trying. Enter: This shamelessly easy, five-minute, five-ingredient microwave mug granola from Camilla at Power Hungry.

The process is easy: First, grab a cup and throw in the binding ingredients (you know, the stuff that makes granola stick together in clusters and gives it a slightly sweet taste). You'll use maple syrup, water, and veggie oil. Then sprinkle with a pinch of salt before pouring in rolled oat and chopped nuts (or really whatever ingredients you fancy—it's homemade, so you can do you, girl.) You'll zap the mug in the microwave, stir, and microwave some more, before topping the whole thing off with some dried fruit. You can eat it immediately, or let it cool a bit on the counter.

One of the best parts about homemade granola—and this mug granola in particular: It's automatically portion-controlled, which is essential to keep your breakfast calories on point. Granola, while healthy in general, is typically high in calories, thanks to healthy fats from nuts and seeds (the sweet binders obviously contribute, too). When you make just a single serving, you won't be tempted to reach into the bag time and time again to add just a little more to your yogurt bowl. (Speaking of which, you'll want to check out these 10 protein-packed yogurt bowls that will jump-start your morning.)

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