Cinnamon rolls are usually reserved for the weekend, but you can enjoy a warm, savory-sweet pastry in mere minutes with this genius idea

You know those Sunday mornings when you wake up at your leisure, throw a pot of coffee on, and fill the house with the smell of warm cinnamon rolls baking in the oven-yeah, those are the weekend mornings you live for, right? But you don't have to wait for the weekend day when you don't have a million errands to run to get that same cinnamon-y sensation in your belly. This genius recipe from Kirbie's Cravings for a Cinnamon Roll Mug Cake can be made in roughly 5-8 minutes (just get the ingredients out so they are at the ready). The blogger goes a step further by pointing out that if you wanted to make a big impression and a bigger mug cake, you can up the recipe ingredients by 1 1/2 times and really impress your friends at brunch.

When you pop the mixture and pretty swirl topping in the microwave, you'll be astonished how it transforms into a real cake-like cinnamon roll right before your eyes. Plus, the benefits to making this decadent treat on, say, a Wednesday morning, is that it's perfectly portioned for a serving of one-a.k.a. you won't have a half dozen gooey cinnamon rolls staring at you to eat just one more.

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