The best things in life are easy to make, taste delicious, and include champagne.

By Lauren Mazzo
December 29, 2016

You might think of sorbet as the lower-cal alternative to an indulgent scoop of slow-churned ice cream-but it doesn't need to be relegated to the "healthy and boring" section of your dessert repertoire. That's where this champagne sorbet recipe from The Lazy Mom's Cooking Blog comes in handy. After all, if it has champagne in it, it simply cannot be considered "boring."

Plus, it's pretty easy to whip up. Just grab some lemon juice, champagne, and sugar, stir together, freeze, and wait. OK, it does require some advance prep time. (PSA: It has to sit in the fridge/freezer for about two days.) That means you have to plan ahead at least a little if you want to whip this up for a special occasion.

And one more thing: If you've ever tried freezing bubbly, you probably already know the champs won't completely freeze. That's why it's crucial to cook off the alcohol (while you're also dissolving the sugar into the mixture) before sticking it in the freezer. Otherwise, you'll be snacking on slush instead of sorbet. (While you're at it, might as well whip up some champagne ice cubes too.)

The waiting time will certainly be worth it, though, once you have a few bites of this sweet-tart sorbet. Wondering what to do with the rest of that bottle of bubbly? We've got you covered with these other (absolutely genius) champs recipes:

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