Make these every time you hear good news about the Mediterranean diet (so, basically every day).

The Mediterranean diet has pretty much solidified its spot at the top of the "healthy diet" list. It seems like every few minutes, a new study reaffirms the benefits of eating healthy fats and whole grains. (The diet has been linked with heart health, slowed aging, and even happiness.)

But if you're sick of your usual Med meals, try adding some Greek recipes to the mix. Not only are Greek dishes usually loaded with nutritious ingredients like cucumbers, lemon juice, and fish, they also taste ~amazing~ because of an abundance of fresh herbs. Plus they usually aren't too complicated to make.

Where to start? These Greek collard green wraps with vegan tzatziki from Natural Girl Modern World are perfect for anyone who wants a vegan or gluten-free Greek-inspired recipe. Collard greens are stuffed with a tabbouleh-esque filling and a thick, vegan tzatziki sauce for an antioxidant-rich wrap that really keeps you full.

Since these wraps are made up of nourishing ingredients found in typical Greek fare, it's no shocker they have numerous health benefits. Veggies add vitamins and fiber, and olives and olive oil both add healthy fats. (Here's why you should start consuming more olive oil.) Cashews are subbed in for Greek yogurt in the tzatziki, making the sauce vegan and still full of protein. Collard greens beat kale, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts when it comes to improving digestion, and they're high in vitamins A, C, and K.

This recipe can easily be adjusted to include whatever Greek ingredients you happen to have on hand. You could sub in hummus or tahini sauce for the tzatziki, or add feta or roasted pine nuts. The wraps make a light on-the-go snack that's so much more exciting than a bag of pretzels. (Want more Greek recipe ideas? Here are eight recipes that will transport you to the Mediterranean.)