Step 1: Don't freak out, it's not alive.

By Justine Hall
September 18, 2016

Having your meal stare back at you can be super intimidating. That's why we asked Eden Grinshpan (of Eden Eats and the Cooking Channel) and her sister, Renny, to tell us how exactly you're supposed to debone a fish. And it's totally worth the weird fish eye contact-Eden says this is actually one of her favorite ways to prepare fish.

For starters, be sure to keep your fish refrigerated until you've pumped yourself up enough to start slicing. (Because no one likes food poisoning.) The next step is to turn the fish so the stomach side is facing you. Grab a thin knife (a fillet knife if you really want to get fancy) and a fork. Run your knife along the center of the stomach, as close to the spine as possible. Then lay the fish on its back and, as Eden explains, "You want gravity to do its thing."

Let the meat from the belly fall away from the meat on the top. Use your fork and knife to separate the two sides so that the fish is split open in front of you. Grab the spine from either the tail or head end (whichever is looser), and pull it away from the meat, with the ribs still attached. Voilà-your meal is ready to eat!

Feel free to dance around with your fish head in victory (and sing "I kissed a fish and I liked it" à la Renny).

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