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How to Eat Lobster (Without Looking Like a Newbie)

Lobster bisque, lobster rolls, lobster sushi, lobster mac 'n' cheese—there are a zillion ways to eat lobster and pretty much every single one of them is delish. But one of the best (and most satisfying) ways is to crack one open yourself.

And who better than The Cooking Channel's Eden Grinshpan (aka Eden Eats) and her sister Renny Grinshpan to show us exactly how to eat lobster, from the tips of the clawss right down to the tail.

Since lobster is so freakin' expensive, you don't want one little morsel of meat to go to waste. That's why Eden recommends doing each body part at a time. First, rip off the arms (by the "shoulder" area), then separate the tail from the body; don't be afraid to be aggressive. (Did you know lobster is rich in this crucial anti-aging mineral?)

Next, get the meat out of the tail by either cutting down the center of the back of the shell, or holding it in your hands and squeezing the sides of the tail towards the center to break a line down the inside. Pry the sides open to break the shell away from the meat, and carefully pull the tail out in one piece. (Bonus points if you squirt yourself or someone next to you with lobster juice. Yeah, you'll need a bib.)

Once the tail is done, go for the legs. Pull them off the body and use a rolling pin to squeeze the meat out one leg at a time. (Genius, right?) Next try the claws: pull the smaller pincher off first, then crack open the large pincher with a cracker. Once the shell is open, try to pull the meat of the claw in one chunk.

And, obv, you can't forget the knuckles. (Eden says they have some of the sweetest meat!) Just go at them with a cracker, and then use a lobster or crab fork to scoop the meat out.

Voilà—it's done, and you earned every bit of that lobster. (Next up: How to Shuck and Eat Oysters the Right Way.)


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