If you're tired of fumbling around with chopsticks, nearly poking yourself in the eye, it's time to finally learn how to eat with chopsticks like a pro

Whether you're slurping up a delicious bowl of warm noodles or trying to pick up a piece of slippery sashimi, no one wants to be the fool who drops their food mid-bite because they actually don't know how to use chopsticks. The Cooking Channel's Eden Grinshpan (also of Eden Eats) and her sister Renny Grinshpan are giving us the low-down on how to master chopsticks in two easy steps, so you never have to fake it again. Pretty soon you'll be picking up grains of rice without wobbling, fumbling, or dropping a single bite.

Step 1

Rest the first stick on your ring finger, wedging it between the inside of the hand and your thumb. This is your base. Try to keep your hands flexible without being too loose or too tight. Too flimsy and the food will never be picked up. Too tight and it's likely your sushi will fall apart before it makes its way to your mouth.

Step 2

Grip the second stick using your index finger and your thumb. You will find that your middle finger ends up guiding the movement as well. It's this second chopstick that will be making all the moves. Now test your skills-try using chopsticks with larger, firmer foods first. Then move on to floppy or sliced food, and lastly try picking up saucy noodles or rice.

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