The best mixer of all? Not OJ, cranberry, or soda—gummy bears.

By Lauren Mazzo
December 08, 2016

Poppin' bottles of bubbly is perfectly acceptable for any special occasion: birthdays, anniversaries, congratulations, reunions, holidays, weekends, and, really, any day that ends in "y"...

But actually, the holiday season is the perfect excuse to drink champagne; it's a whole month (and more) of celebrations. In fact, champagne is so on point for this time of year, you shouldn't stick to just drinking it. There are all sorts of genius ways to use champagne in anything and everything, from cocktails to cupcakes. Enter: our series on how to use champagne in fun, delicious ways, like this champagne vinaigrette or these strawberry champagne jello desserts. But as amazing as those are, there is literally nothing more fun than making champagne-drunk bear-shaped gummy candies.

These champagne gummy bears from The Skinny Fork are incredibly easy (as long as you know how to open champagne correctly):

1. Grab your fave gummies (they don't even have to be bears!). Resist the urge to eat all of them.

2. Drown them in your fave bubbly.

3. Let them soak. (Optional: Drink the rest of the bottle while waiting... and sneak a few too many "testers" to see if they're ready.)

PSA: You'll want to let them soak for at least 10 hours, so make sure you plan far enough ahead. After 10 hours (or more, if you really want the little guys to get sloshed), they're good to go. Bonus points for serving them inside champagne flutes.

These champagne gummy bears are perfect to whip up for any holiday celebration, Santa Con pregame, ugly sweater party, or when your relatives force you to bring a dish to pass (these are so much cooler than a cheese plate). Whatever the occasion, they're sure to be the hit of the party-just keep them away from the kids' table.