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This Low-Carb Teriyaki Turkey Burger Is Both Sweet and Spicy

Lettuce wrap burgers have become a beloved staple of the low-carb bunch (along with cauliflower pizza and spaghetti squash). If you think lettuce wraps are blasphemous and anyone who says otherwise is in denial, you should start thinking of them as simply a healthy, delicious recipe idea instead of as some kind of boring food swap.

Eating a burger with no bun is not a sacrifice, and in the case of these Lettuce-Wrapped Teriyaki Turkey Burgers, created by Kelley Epstein of Mountain Mama Cooks, going bunless lets the flavorful marinade really take center stage. TBH, bread might actually do this backyard barbecue meal a disservice.

What makes these so delicious is the homemade, sticky teriyaki glaze that's slathered on the pineapple and burger before grilling, imparting a sweet but tangy flavor. (Can't get enough of this classic Asian blend? Grill up these teriyaki salmon skewers.) Making your own teriyaki sauce is worth a little extra effort and it will save you from lots of added sugar, sodium, and ingredients you can't pronounce.

This recipe calls for lean ground turkey, but you could also use ground chicken or even salmon if you wanted. Here, shredded carrot and chopped scallions add an extra layer of richness to the meat, plus some bonus nutrition. The turkey burgers are topped with an "optional" spicy mayo, which, if we're keeping it real, should really be mandatory. Place a slice of vitamin C-packed grilled pineapple on the patty before wrapping it all up in a piece of crisp lettuce (say green leaf or Boston), and you have yourself a healthy cookout.


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