If you don't watch it for the recipe, at least watch it for Karena's Cookie Monster voice

The Tone It Up Girls-basically our social media fitness BFFs-are back with another recipe: one-minute microwave cookie dough. (If you didn't already, check out their recipes for Sweet and Spicy Kale Salad and an Avocado, Honey, and Sunflower snack.)

If you're like us-or, well, anyone who's human-you love the taste of fresh baked cookies. The downsides, obviously, are that you can't always fit cookies into your healthy eating plan, and you don't always have time to whip up a fresh, homemade batch. This Tone It Up recipe is a great alternative-and, naturally, one that's healthy enough to enjoy every day.

The best part? It takes just one minute in the microwave. All you need is some oat flour, egg whites, coconut oil, dark chocolate or carob chips, and a few basic baking ingredients, and you'll have a warm, gooey cookie ready in no time.