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The Right Way to Eat Ramen (Without Looking Like a Slob)

Let's be real, no one really knows how to eat ramen—without looking like a mess, that is. We enlisted Cooking Channel's Eden Grinshpan and her sister Renny Grinshpan to break down the science of it all. (ICYMI, there's a right way to eat sushi too!)

According to Grinshpan, here's how it's done. First up: Take less than you think you want. Then put in your mouth and slurp—don't bite! Suck in air along with the noodles to cool them down so you don't end up with a burnt mouth. Fun fact: The process of eating a whole ramen should only take six to eight minutes. (Looking for creative twists on ramen to whip up yourself? See 9 Bone Broth-Based Soup Recipes.)

As you might know, though, all that slurping can send extra air into your stomach and chowing down on a delicious bowl ramen can leave you with a not-so-nice side effect: bloating. And all the sodium in the broth doesn't help; it's another culprit that can leave you with food baby-level bloat. But we know that's not going to stop you from eating it. So load up your ramen with fiber-filled veggies (which help food move through your intestines) and follow your noodles with a fruity dessert (especially pineapple berries or kiwi). (Still worried about the effects of your ramen lunch? Try these 8 Tips to Beat a Bloated Stomach, fast.)


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