Could anything epitomize ~balance~ better than bubbly atop kale? We think not.

By Lauren Mazzo
December 02, 2016

The holiday season is infamous for being a diet-ruiner; it's all about drinks, cookies, and indulgent comfort foods. But did you ever think about how salads can actually be perfect for the holiday season? For one, it's really freaking easy to decorate them in red and green and to incorporate produce that's quintessential for December. (Just check out these delicious pomegranate salads.) Now, just imagine adding champagne-possibly the most festive of all alcohols. Mind = blown, right? (Something else to shock you: Something called the Champagne Diet exists.)

It just so happens we're doing a whole series on how to use champagne in anything and everything (because, why not?), and our first featured recipe is this Champagne Vinaigrette from Eat Yourself Skinny. It uses champagne vinegar, dijon mustard, agave, lemon, olive oil, and salt and pepper to make a simple, delicious dressing with the added tang of your fave sparkling beverage. Making your dressing at home means no scary added ingredients, and you get to control how much sugar, salt, and fat go in. The best part of this recipe, though, is the fact that you can either buy yourself some pre-made champagne vinegar or DIY the champagne vinegar yourself, using leftover champagne from a holiday bash. Try these simple directions from the Kitchn to do it yourself. (Another clever use for that leftover bottle: champagne ice cubes.)

Voilà-you've got a festive homemade dressing that your taste buds (and anyone at a holiday party) will go ga-ga over. Go ahead and be the person who brings salad to the party. We'll bet no one will give you a hard time when it's topped with this. (If you're officially a convert to homemade dressings, you'll love these other easy, healthy dressing recipes.)

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