Updated: September 10, 2012

This week I and some other RD colleagues and authors are quoted in an UsWeekly article called 10 Diet Rules to Break (Jan 24th issue). While I don't agree with a few of them I love the idea of busting some myths that may be holding you back from seeing real results.

In my private practice I find that most of my clients hold at least some beliefs about what they "should" do to lose weight that actually prevent them from breaking a weight loss plateau or losing the right kind of weight (fat rather than muscle).

For example, one of my clients was seriously afraid of fat and chose low fat or fat free versions of everything from peanut butter to salad dressing. As a result she never felt satisfied after meals and often wound up overeating low fat carb and protein rich foods, which, unfortunately wound up feeding her fat cells.

The idea that eating fat doesn't make you fat and that carbs and proteins can just as easily get socked away in fat cells was really hard for her to believe. But she trusted me and was willing (with some honest hesitation) to switch things up.

One of the first makeovers was swapping out low fat cereal with skim milk and fruit for a slice of whole grain toast spread with natural, full-fat almond butter sprinkled with cinnamon along with fruit and skim milk. She was convinced that her new breakfast was going to result in too-tight jeans and a softer tummy but as I predicted the result was just the opposite. She actually felt full, satisfied and energized straight through lunch, with no lingering thoughts of food or counting the hours until the next meal. And within the first week her jeans were looser and her skin was glowing. Like many clients she said, "I can't believe I could have been eating this way this whole time!"

Letting go of a long-held belief can be scary. But if what you've been doing isn't working for you it may be time for an experiment or two. Are your diet rules tried and true or are you hanging on to some that aren't delivering? Please share your thoughts!


I loved delivering the chocolate tip in the UsWeekly article – it's a mandatory daily treat in my book – literally (check it out)!


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