Updated: July 25, 2013

When it comes to produce, the ultimate--nutritionally speaking--is an organic fruit or veggie, straight from your very own garden. But that's not practical for most of us (including me). So frozen is a great choice for several reasons. First there's no washing, peeling or chopping required. And frozen is just as nutritious as fresh.

Great things to do with frozen produce: Warm frozen fruit and add to cooked oats, cold cereal or yogurt. Toss frozen, cooked veggies with pesto or tapanade, such as broccoli with sundried tomato pesto or yellow wax beans with basil pesto.

Stock up on frozen produce, and if you can go organic when buying the ones on this list, go for it. These tend to carry the most pesticides if not grown organically:

Bell peppers






What's your favorite veggie dish, and how do you make it?



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