Updated: July 25, 2013

Salsa and tomato sauces are major timesavers when you're whipping up a quick meal, but they're also hidden sources of excess sugar, salt and artificial additives. Fortunately, not everything that comes out of a jar is a nutritional no-no. Here are a few jars I keep on hand and how I use them. The ingredient list on each meets my clean eating criteria – it reads just like a recipe, no extra "stuff" added:

Amy's Organic Medium Salsa. I add it to low sodium canned black beans to spruce them up and toss it with dark leafy greens as a salad dressing alternative when making taco salad.

Lucini Hearty Artichoke Tomato Sauce. This out-of-this-world yummy sauce is terrific with whole grain pasta. I also use it to flavor frozen veggies. I microwave or steam broccoli, cut green beans or spinach then toss with the sauce for a simple side dish.

Can't find these brands? No problem, just look for products with similar ingredient profiles – all you should see is "real food" ingredients: veggies, oil, herbs and spices.

What are your favorite sauces?



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