I am one of the types of people that believe there is a lesson in everything. I find it easier to remember aspects of HAVE TO things when I have something to joggle that information and permanently lodge it into my brain. In my classroom, I tell stories to the students that can instill a sense of belonging to what we are learning. We do a great number of quotations, explicating, talking about what the meanings are, interpretations, and positivity is a must!

There is a book by Zig Ziglar called SEE YOU AT THE TOP! Everyone needs to read it over and over. If you ever want to find Teri LaFaye, check the top first! I will be the one reaching for ALL THAT I CAN ACHIEVE and grabbing as many people as I can along the way to head with me towards the TOP.

I have been to the bottom....there's nothing there! I am 24 years in sobriety from alcohol and there is much to be done and said to help others know CHANGES COME FROM WITHIN. It is within, where the answers lie. You can't expect for the outside to change unless you makes some changes on the inside to.

I am reminded of a story by Zig Ziglar where a father was busy working on a deadline and while his five-year-old son wanted to play, Daddy was trying to figure a way to keep the boy busy while he finished his deadline.

The father saw a picture of the world in the newpaper and decided to tear it into pieces for the child to put back together. So, he did just that. He tore the picture of the world into small pieces and told his son to "put the world back together, for Daddy."

Naturally, the little boy was happy to please! And it wasn't long before he ran up to his daddy proclaiming, "Come see, Daddy! I fixed the world for you!"

The dad seemed a little taken aback from the promptness of the child. It had only been a few minutes. How could his son have finished the puzzle so quickly?

So, the daddy took the son's hand and the very excited little boy beemed with happiness. "Look Daddy! I did it!"

Sure enough, the world was put together... every piece in place.

"How did you do it so fast, son?" the father asked.

"Ah, it was easy, Daddy. On the other side of the paper was a big man....when I got the man right,  the world was right."

When he got the man right....the world was right.....

There is so much truth to this story. When we get ourselves and OUR THOUGHTS together....everything else falls in place.

And you find your PEACE.....A PIECE AT A TIME.

Hugs 2 U!

Teri LaFaye (sassyonyx)

"When everything is said and done, make sure more is done than said."



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