Updated: September 18, 2012

I called this week's posts ‘get skinny while you shop' because shopping definitely qualifies as moving your body. And around this time of year when life gets so busy workouts may fall by the wayside. And that can create a domino effect - a lot of my clients tell me if they don't get to the gym they tend to fall of the healthy eating bandwagon. But if you think of shopping as your workout and you're savvy about eating right on the go you can actually whittle away body fat as you shop!

Here's how:

A 150 pound person burns 80 calories an hour standing in line and 160 per hour shopping. That means a six hour shopping trip with half of it spent waiting in line would torch over 300 more calories than sitting all day. That's the equivalent of 40 minutes on the elliptical at the gym! And if you spend 15 of those waiting in line minutes climbing the escalator (without hanging onto the rails) rather than riding it you'll burn another 130 calories.

Now the next part of the equation: what you eat. If you're not shopping solo make a pact with your companions to stay on track, or at the very least choose a place in advance where you know you'll be able to order something healthy. Here are some restaurant meals right around 500 calories, the perfect amount to fuel your body, but not cancel out your shopping "workout" so you can actually create a calorie deficit and shrink some fat cells!

California Pizza Kitchen

Half of a Grilled Vegetable Salad topped with Grilled Shrimp

511 calories

Ruby Tuesday

Salmon Florentine with (392) with Fresh Grilled Asparagus (49)

441 calories

Macaroni Grill

Create Your Own Pasta: Whole Wheat Pasta with Pomodoro Sauce, Shrimp, Mushrooms & Spinach

525 calories

So what's your take on this topic? Do you tend to get off track this time of year? Please share your thoughts!



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