Updated: February 02, 2012

Here we go ! 2011 here I come!

Here it is another year. I am so excited about this new year and the changes taking place in my life. Many things have happened that have changed the way I see a great number of things. I resigned a job of 11 years because it was not proving to be productive for me anymore. I love myself enough to know when it is time for change. So I made my change. I chose to stand for what I believe in and leave a negative environment that was tearing me apart. There are so many choices in life. I would rather choose positive over negative. A person knows when better things are on the horizon. I made the right choice. So now, after much needed rest, I am ready to make this year work for me and leave the past behind.

I have made this my new beginning mantra and welcome the positive changes I foresee in my life. I will be ending my 5th year on July 22, 2011 and starting a new plan for another 5 years. I turned 50 in July 2010, and it was like everyone in society was trying to make me believe that 50 is old. I don't believe that though! When I needed inspiration the most, I stumbled across a lady on the internet from Sweden who is 74 years old and still lifting, she is the epitome of what I aspire to be. Now, whenever I feel discouraged, I look at Wanja Sjodin's picture in my gym and think, "I can do this. She did it. I can do this too." You should google her name and be inspired!

I have always been the motivator....but for the past 5 months I have had to go inside myself and heal myself. I have had to remove all that negative energy I consumed from others and KNOW that I can be proud of myself and my accomplishments without someone else's lack of success bringing me down. There are sometimes a person just has to LET GO and KNOW. I KNOW the best is yet to come! And I refuse to be blinded by fear of what others think 50's should be.

Maslow once said that sometimes a person has to "become independent of the good opinion of others." Enough said! I resolve to not be the expectation of someone else's limitations! I will not be ashamed of my accomplishments or hide my light under a bushel for no one to see. I can be fit. I can be strong. I can be beautiful inside and out. And it doesn't matter what others think. I can love myself with the same unconditional love I extend to others continuing to provide motivation for others by motivating myself. Then, as my daddy used to say, "when everything is said and done, more will be done than said."

Here's to a new plan and a new year!

I am ready!

Teri LaFaye (sassyonyx)



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