Updated: September 25, 2012

I have been away awhile because of an injury to my ankle.and calf. It has really been hard to get back on track, but I am slowly getting it together. I think the best thing about taking off from training is what I have learned about myself.

Number one: I can slow down and not be so driven to be fit.

Number two: Taking time off from training is AS IMPORTANT AS TRAINING ITSELF!

For the past 5 years (July 22), I have been driving myself hard. When I sprained my ankle, I had no idea how bad a sprain could be. My broken foot 6 years ago, was not as painful as my sprain. I tore the achielle's tendon doing high impact exercises. What I thought was a good addition to my workouts (that were working for me by the way), turned into an almost three month stop to my workouts altogether. Whoever said that if something was working don't try to fix it...was right. Because my trying to reinvent what was already working for me, hurt me.

So, now that I have taken practically three months off from working out, believe it or not, I haven't lost my strength. Sure I am not starting where I was before, but I am better for the rest: COMPLETE REST I made myself take to heal my leg. And while I am admitting I am NOT super woman...I will say I have enjoyed some unclean eating and not gained any from it. I think total deprivation of all for the sake of working out can be detrimental and sometimes sabatage the effort you are putting in.

Needless to say, I am back. Hope you all are well. And know that I am here if you need a buddy to push you in or out of ruts....that'd be me!

Hugs 2 U!

Teri LaFaye (sassyonyx)



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