Updated: September 27, 2012

Many times when I write, most always, I don't think about it... I just write it down. This poem was automatic. Hope you enjoy some soul food. If it causes you to stop for a moment, then it is for you.

:-) Teri LaFaye (sassyonyx)

"How do you measure wealth?"

Said the young man to the old.

"My Son, it seems to me,

wealth is more than what we're told."

When you're young and just an infant,

wealth is in your mother's smile;

and the world is full of treasures

seen in midnight dreams, my child.

All the riches in a whirlwind

blow away just out of reach

to be seen only at distances

by those reaching as they seek.

As the years grow in their numbers,

springing summers into falls,

the successful man may stumble

where temptations crumble all.

But ascending any ladder

takes the courage of those brave;

where the outcome Son, is measured

when one's words are carefully weighed.

When the winter in its coolness

fades into the chill of night,

and the memories can be counted

with a bittersweet hindsight

then, all riches and their splendor

can be added up my son,

when the days are gray and scattered:

wealth is measured when work's done."

The wise man measures riches

through Simplicity

with the senses, all makes sense now:

wealth is measured through


Progression (How do you measure wealth?)

By Teri LaFaye

© September 19, 1996

"When everything is said and done, make sure more is DONE than said."

(something my daddy taught me....)



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