By Alanna Nuñez
August 23, 2012

In weird nutrition news of the day, Blisstree is reporting that your bananas may soon become non-vegan! How can that be? It turns out, a new spray-on coating designed to lengthen the shelf life of bananas may contain animal parts. At the National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society this week, scientists unveiled a spray that reportedly will keep bananas from ripening for up to 12 extra days by killing the bacteria that causes the fruit to turn brown so quickly.

"Once bananas begin to mature, they quickly become yellow and soft, and then they rot," Xihong Li, who presented the report, tells Science Daily. "We have developed a way to keep bananas green for a longer time and inhibit the rapid ripening that occurs. Such a coating could be used at home by consumers, in supermarkets, or during shipment of bananas."

While this could be good news for some (no more hurrying to eat those mushy bananas you forgot about!), the coating includes chitosan, a derivative of shrimp and crab shells, so if the coating reaches the banana (not just the peel), the fruit would no longer be considered vegan. Additionally, shellfish and seafood are two of the most common causes of allergies.

"This is big," fitness and nutrition expert JJ Virgin says. "However, the banana wouldn't necessarily become non-vegan-it depends on the person. Some vegans eschew any products that contain animal parts at all, including things like purses and shoes, and others don't." Since the spray would most likely have to permeate the peel in order to kill the bacteria in the banana, vegans may have to start avoiding the popular fruit.

More important than the vegan issue, according to Virgin, is the issue of allergies. "Someone who eats a banana every day-and many people do-could develop an allergy or a low-grade reaction to the shellfish where she or he didn't originally have one," she says.

Indeed, food allergies have been on the rise in recent years, and when your immune system is constantly exposed to something, your digestive system can begin to create a response to it. This can explain why adults who thought they had outgrown childhood allergies or who have never experienced allergies at all can find themselves unexpectedly dealing with a food sensitivity or allergy later on in life.

But you don't have to panic just yet! Currently, the coating is not available in stores. According to Science Daily, Li's research team is hoping to replace one of the ingredients in the spray, so it may be a while before this becomes a reality.