August 26, 2009

I met someone the other day who apologetically told me that she hates to exercise. Hmmm...I said. You probably just haven't found the right exercise for you. "Well, I like to walk. I don't power walk though, so that doesn't really count." But it does count! Just because you're not going to a gym or because you're not running doesn't mean you're not exercising. This is a very common misconception today. But exercise at it's most basic level means moving instead of sitting: taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking for 5 minutes here and there, etc. It does not have to mean putting on a fancy gym outfit and sweating it out on some machines.

One daily change: Change your mindset about working out. Be positive about what you can do...and embrace the things you like to do. What you'll find once you follow your body's signals: you may enjoy what you're doing so much, you want to do it even more.


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