The lingerie hub's new campaign—featuring their very own stripped down models—has people up in arms over unrealistic body image goals
Tampa Bay Scene

Long-limbed, long-haired, and flat-tummied: There's not much difference between each of the thin, gorgeous, (airbrushed) models used in the new Victoria's Secret "perfect body" bra campaign. And that's the problem. Women all over the world are taking offense to the idea that there is such a thing as a perfect body and, even more, that these genetic anomalies might be it. Victoria's Secret says the ad campaign is simply a play on words as a way to show off their "body" line as "perfect fit, perfect comfort, and perfectly soft." Yet their customers obviously don't see it that way. The #iamperfect hashtag is already blowing up Twitter and Instagram as women and girls of all shapes, sizes, and colors proclaim love for their own unique bodies.

Decrying the idea of perfection, User Sedruoula tweeted, "Thinking that #iamperfect in all my imperfection.. @VictoriasSecret because there is no perfect body. :-) #blessed"

While Frances Noir redefined the perfect body for them, tweeting, "Fat, skinny, short, tall, disabled, disfigured, scarred, burnt... All of our bodies are perfect! #iamperfect"

Even other corporate giants have jumped in the fray. Dove has resurrected their "Real Beauty" campaign as a way to hit back at the perfect body ideal, tweeting yesterday, "Today we celebrate the perfect REAL body and all the women who have said "#IAmPerfect the way I am." #TBT "

Pasting the words "perfect body" in gigantic letters across supermodels isn't very subtle. And in a world where we are often told that our bodies don't measure up in some way (and so we have to buy something to fix them, of course!), the ad is particularly jarring. It's even more insulting when you consider the level of photoshopping that Victoria's Secret is notorious for using. Not even the perfect women are really perfect! While the venerable lingerie store hasn't issued a reply to the criticisms yet, the ad on their homepage has been changed to read "Love every body! Find the perfect styles for your body." The original ad is still the header on the main VS Body page, however. So what is the perfect body? We say it's the one you have!