Jane Fonda Called Her Cancer Remission the 'Best Birthday Present Ever'

The actress and activist was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma earlier this year.

Jane Fonda
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Jane Fonda just received the "best birthday present ever."

After undergoing multiple rounds of chemotherapy to treat Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, Fonda's cancer is in remission ahead of her 85th birthday on December 21.

"I am feeling so blessed, so fortunate," she wrote in a blog post on her website. "I thank all of you who prayed and sent good thoughts my way. I am confident that it played a role in the good news," continued Fonda.

While the first four rounds of chemotherapy "were rather easy" on the actress, the last session "was rough," she explained. Now, she's able to get back to focusing on her climate activist work, which she often details on her site and Instagram.

Fonda first revealed her cancer diagnosis on Instagram in early September 2022. She had Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a type of cancer that begins in the lymphatic system. It's "very treatable" and has a high survival rate, Fonda previously wrote on Instagram.

The Grace and Frankie star didn't seem to let chemotherapy slow her down. Just a few weeks after announcing her diagnosis, Fonda shared a YouTube clip of her working out, noting that her doctor recommended exercise to help combat tiredness caused by her chemo treatment.

"I must tell you that I feel stronger than I have in years," wrote Fonda in a blog post at the time. Along with sharing a video of her doing wall squats with an exercise stability ball and dumbbells, Fonda noted she had been walking as a way of moving her body.

Fonda has long been candid about her belief in the importance of staying strong with age. "I know better than I did even when I was younger that no matter how old you are or who you are or where you are, keeping moving in a way that's appropriate for your age is absolutely critical to your healthy lifespan," she told Vogue in August 2022.

Just shy of her 85th birthday, the fitness icon isn't afraid of getting older. "Turning 85 isn't any different than turning 84 or turning 86 will be," said the actress in a recent interview with InStyle. "But once you're inside of it, as opposed to looking at it from the outside, it's not all that scary."

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