Kate Hudson On Pole Dancing, Cold Plunging, and the One Beauty Product That's Always In Her Bag

The actress talks wellness trends and enduring habits in a new interview.

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Kate Hudson
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The telltale sign of a good collagen supplement powder is that it clumps when you're mixing it up, according to Kate Hudson. "If you want your skin to plump, your collagen needs to clump," she jokes while talking about her plant-based line of beauty and wellness powders, INBLOOM, for its "Survive The Season" campaign. "That's why you need a whisk."

Sure, you can get your nutrients through the foods you eat, but many people struggle to do so, points out Hudson. That's one of the reasons why she created INBLOOM. "I use all of them every day. and I incorporate them differently depending on how I'm feeling," she says of her brand's products, which are all 30 percent off through November 30, BTW.

Taking Essential Elements (a mix of vitamins, minerals, and greens) is a daily nonnegotiable for Hudson. She also waxes on about another formula called Brain Flow, which contains adaptogens ginkgo, ashwagandha, and lion's mane. "You actually feel the transformation," she says. "It literally wakes your brain up and you can feel the clarity," she continues, noting that it hits differently than caffeine.

Still, Beauty Aura, a marine collagen complex, is the product that seems to get Hudson the most excited. "If you're gonna take collagen, it's really good to either pair it with a vitamin C or take something that already has that [vitamin C] in there for you," she says, explaining how collagen works best when it's formulated with an ingredient that allows it to better absorb into the body.

She speaks with precision while outlining how each formula works. "I'm really passionate about this stuff," she says, and it's clear she is.

Of course, taking supplements is only a fraction of what comprises a healthy lifestyle. Ahead, Hudson shares how she incorporates physical activity, rest, and even a few wellness trends into her routine ahead of the holiday season.

Realistic Rest

"This year that's not happening," says Hudson when asked how she plans to make time for self care during the holidays. In the midst of press engagements for her upcoming film, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, there isn't time for much else.

"I think this year is just, hold on and just see what happens," she says. "I told the kids, I'm like, 'you're probably getting one present each,'" says Hudson with a laugh. And the Thanksgiving pies? Those aren't happening this year either, jokes the mom of three.

"So, chaos is gonna be my holiday season," she admits. "But embracing that and...just not feeling the pressure of having to be everything to everyone and just enjoying the time that I have."

Exercise As a Luxury

Despite her busy schedule, Hudson still makes time for exercise. When she's at home, she enjoys a quick workout on her Tonal machine. She also squeezes in workout classes when she can. She's a fan of SLT (a Pilates-inspired workout on a Megaformer), the Tracy Anderson Method, a Pilates studio in London called Heartcore, and Barry's ("it's so efficient").

Hudson is such a Barry's regular, she even collaborated with the studio on a limited-edition shake including INBLOOM's Clean Green protein and Brain Flow powders that's available at Barry's Fuel Bars now. (Psst: you can get a complimentary Barry’s class with any INBLOOM purchase made through the end of the year.)

"And I still pole dance," says Hudson. "For me, that's like the strongest body, and I enjoy that because I can just play music and dance." The exercise method helps her feel powerful. "When I feel really strong, I'm usually doing more tricks [on the pole]."

Make no mistake, she'll continue carving out time for movement even while on her annual holiday vacation to Aspen, Colorado this year. "I'm very active, so I hike all the time," she says, adding that she also enjoys snow hiking and cross country skiing.

"When people are like, 'What's your best day?' It always includes something active because I actually have time to enjoy it," explains Hudson. "I have to move...Sitting on my ass is not, to me, a luxury. Sitting on my ass, to me, is get me off my ass," she says. "And I think that's a privilege to be able to be living and feeling strong and healthy. And so I don't ever want to take that for granted."

Beyond Trending

Hudson knows how to incorporate movement and exercise into her routine in ways that work for her. That's likely why she struggles to name a "new" wellness trend she's tried recently. Although, she can think of something she's done for a long time that feels quite buzzy right now: cold plunging.

"I've been cold plunging for so long and sauna-ing, and the new big thing is the cold plunge and I'm like, guys, where have you been?" she says, chuckling. "This has been happening for a long time."

There is one trending beauty product that even Hudson can't resist, however. "I'm obsessed with this lip mask, which I think everybody's obsessed with right now," she says. Naturally, she's talking about Laneige's lip sleeping mask, the one that comes in a cute little pink tub and has hoards of fans, including a few fellow celebrities.

In fact, she pulls a tiny pink jar out of her purse and applies its contents to her lips on the spot to prove that A) She really is a fan; B) The mask instantly hydrates lips. "It's the best," she says. "It's always in my bag."

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