This Volumizing Spray Gives My Hair So Much Body, You Can Barely Tell It’s Thinning

It covers up any patchy spots.

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Editor's Pick Kevin Murphy Body Mass Thickening Spray
Kevin Murphy.

I took my hair for granted in my teens and early twenties. I had fine-yet-voluminous hair down to my chest that I could color and style to my heart’s desire. I was the embodiment of ‘long hair, don’t care,’ (or whatever the saying is). But all of that changed in my late twenties when I was diagnosed with androgenic alopecia and lost over half of the hair I once had. All of this to say, I needed a solution, and I needed it fast. Kevin Murphy’s Body Mass Leave-In Plumping Treatment was the quick fix that became a staple in my hair care routine. 

Kevin Murphy Body Mass Leave-In Plumping Treatment Key Features:

How I tested: I’ve used this spray a couple of times a week over the past year, especially while styling my hair and going for a salon-level blowout look. After washing and towel-drying my hair, I spray a few spritzes to my roots before styling. 

Perfect for: Anyone with fine, thinning hair who’s looking for body and volume without the damaging effects of traditional hair sprays. 

What you’ll love: In addition to building volume and increasing circulation to the scalp, it also acts as a heat protectant to keep your strands safe as you go about styling your mane. Oh, and it smells divine

Keep in mind: The texture can initially feel stickier than you might expect in a volumizing spray, but it only took a couple of uses to get accustomed to the consistency. 

Key ingredients: Oleanolic acid from olive tree leaves promotes hair growth, hydrolysed wheat protein strengthens the hair shaft, and baobab fruit extract hydrates and smooths strands

Editor's Pick Kevin Murphy Body Mass Thickening Spray
Kevin Murphy.

Buy It: Kevin Murphy Body Mass Leave-In Plumping Treatment, $38 (was $42),

Kevin Murphy Body Mass Leave-In Plumping Treatment Review:

About a year ago, while digging through my bathroom cabinet, I found Kevin Murphy’s Body Mass Treatment hidden behind a few bottles of shampoo on my “try next” list. I was kind of surprised at myself — me? Forgetting to use a hair product? Who am I? 

After recovering from my momentary existential crisis, I hopped in the shower, shampooed and conditioned my hair as usual, and patted it dry afterward. The brand recommends spraying on damp or towel-dried hair, so I gave my strands a shake and sprayed the treatment in a few spots around my head, parting as I went so the product could really reach the scalp. 

I had no idea how powerful a couple of spritzes could be. As I blow-dried my hair, I watched the newfound volume cover patchy balding spots, giving the illusion of a darker, richer hue than usual. But the body and lift created by the spray was still subtle; I didn’t feel like a Miss America contestant; it was still my hair, but with a little extra zhuzh

I now use this spray almost every time I style my hair, particularly when I’m curling it and looking for volume. I used to get blowouts almost monthly, but I haven’t made an appointment since I got my hands on this spray; it looks just as good when I blowdry it at home. Plus, it has a musky smell reminiscent of an early ‘00s Hollister store — a big selling point for this nostalgic millennial — but significantly more subdued. Whether or not you struggle with thinning hair or hair loss, Kevin Murphy’s Body Mass Spray is the best way to get a salon-level blowout for a fraction of the price.

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