After Years of Balding, Shoppers Over 65 Say This 25%-Off Hair Growth Shampoo Slowed Their Shedding

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Although it’s an extremely common occurrence amongst people of all genders, hair loss can be hard to ignore. An issue with numerous underlying causes, excess shedding can be brought on by everything from stress to tight ponytails. And, like so many changes in the body, it can also be brought on by hormonal differences incited by aging. Whatever the reason may be, there are ways to manage the problem, like switching to shampoo that promotes scalp health.

When picking out the best formula for hair loss, consider something that cleanses your scalp and mane without drying either out. "If your follicles aren't clean, then the hair might face impedance as it grows out of the follicle," dermatologist Wendy Roberts, M.D. previously told Shape. Certain ingredients can also play a role in not only presenting fall out, but also promoting new growth. The Klorane Strengthening Shampoo, for instance, combines caffeine, which increases the flow of nutrients to hair follicles, with edelweiss, which according to a 2022 study from the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, might be linked to increased hair density. A complex of B vitamins like niacin and biotin work to hydrate and strengthen existing strands while soothing scalp inflammation. Finally, quinine bark extract fortifies the hair shaft against breakage, according to the brand. (BTW: Shoppers with postpartum hair loss were “shocked’ by the amount of growth they saw after using this serum)

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Plus, shoppers who use the shampoo on a consistent basis report seeing results within weeks. “My hair feels thicker and styles much easier,” wrote one shopper in their 60s with “gray” and “thinning” strands. Another shopper over 65 who dealt with balding for 15 years added that their shedding slowed after two weeks of use. A third raved that their mane feels “healthy and super shiny” after  every wash. (Pssst: Shoppers dealing with hair loss call this $18 growth shampoo “miracle juice” thanks to a viral ingredient.)

And, if you want to add a few more hair-strengthening products to your regimen, Klorane also makes a conditioner and scalp serum with the same ingredients.

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