Ladies Who Lunch

August 4, 2009

Back in February, my nutritionist, Ashley Koff, R.D., went over the menus from all of my favorite restaurants so that I could make healthier choices. That was awhile ago, so the other day she took me out to lunch to see how much I remembered. We headed to Ashanti, a cool new bistro in Culver City, California. The menu looked amazing, and best of all, I immediately knew how to order something that would be tasty and satisfying without derailing my diet. I decided to indulge in a Reuben sandwich, but I got it with turkey instead of the high-fat corned beef it usually comes with and subbed a salad for the fries. I also practiced portion control by packing half of it into a to-go box before I even started eating and, at the end of the meal, turned the dessert menu upside-down so I wouldn't be tempted by anything on it. My memory isn't always so great, so it was awesome to realize how second-nature Ashley's advice has become.

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