Shoppers with Thinning Hair Call This Growth Serum 'a Little Miracle Worker' — and It's 50% Off

50-year-old reviewers say their mane is growing “much faster.”

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Shoppers with Thinning Hair Call This Growth Serum 'a Little Miracle Worker' — and It's 50% Off

While shampoo and conditioner are the most reached-for products in the hair-care aisle, scalp serums might be the secret to keeping your mane looking its best — especially if you deal with thinning. According to a previous interview with Gretchen Friese, a trichologist for Bosley MD, leave-in formulas can penetrate the scalp in order to “increase circulation, remove toxins and debris from the follicle to create a better environment for healthy growth, or even reactivate a dormant follicle so it will start growing hair again.”

Finding the right serum for your strands comes down to effective ingredients, which is why hundreds of Amazon reviewers have turned to the Lanmeri Growth Serum. Caffeine, a key component of the formula, increases the flow of blood to your follicles, giving them the nutrients they need to grow strong. Meanwhile, a combination of mung bean and red clover promote new cell growth and block DHT, a hormone responsible for age-related hair loss.  Finally, a dose of turmeric soothes inflammation, which in turn helps to eliminate dandruff. (BTW: Amazon’s best-selling hair growth brand made a postpartum supplement, and new moms call it a “must have.”)

Lanmeri Vegan Hair Growth Serum


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No hair loss formula is an overnight cure, but with consistent use of this serum, many shoppers have seen halted shedding and even new growth.”Within two weeks, the balding spot on the left side of my forehead is clearly showing less scalp,” wrote one fan who dubbed the product a “little miracle worker.” A 50-year-old reviewer noted that their mane is “growing much faster,” and added that they saw “a noticeable decrease” in shedding. A third raved that after two weeks of use, they “barely” shed anymore. (Pssst: Shoppers say this growth shampoo from a celebrity-used brand “did wonders’ for thinning hair in “a few weeks.”)

There’s never a bad time to start managing hair loss. However, this 52 percent off sale (plus a $3 coupon at checkout!) presents a particularly good opportunity to start incorporating a growth serum into your routine. Shop a bottle for just $25 from Amazon

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