The U.S. Women's Soccer team's win yesterday over Brazil in the Women's World Cup was nothing short of amazing and inspiring. The last-minute finish in overtime had us on the edge of our seats. While obviously both the U.S. and the Brazil team are highly athletic and skilled, we were so impressed by both teams' level of fitness and endurance. So much so, that we're going to kick the soccer ball around for our next workout. Here's why!

3 Reasons to Try a Soccer Workout

1. You'll burn mega calories. Even if you're not playing on a big professional women's soccer field, just a few minutes kicking the soccer ball around will show you that this sport is all about running - and running fast. Just 30 minutes of casual play burns 230 calories for a 145-pound female. Competitive play burns a whopping 330 calories in just half an hour!

2. It's a full-body exercise. You may think soccer is only about running and kicking, but with headers, ball throw-ins and so much jumping, it's also a great workout for the upper body and core. Because you have to move in so many different directions and ways, it's truly a full-body workout!

3. The time flies. If you find stationary pieces of cardio equipment at the gym boring, a soccer workout is definitely for you. From defensive moves to passing and dribbling the ball, with so much to focus on, you'll get so wrapped up in the game that we bet you'll forget that you're even "working out!"

The next time you exercise, try a soccer workout! And go U.S. Women's Soccer!