4 Fun Ways to Get Moving this Fourth of July

Nothing says summer like celebrating the fourth of July. The fourth of July is a great holiday because it becomes socially acceptable to eat and drink all day long. Still, all the eating and drinking usually means there's not a lot of moving going on. And why not? This holiday weekend is about being outside, enjoying the nice weather, and having fun, not being stuck inside on the treadmill. But if you're concerned this weekend might wreck your workout plans, don't worry! Below, we've got four ideas that'll have you burning calories and having fun. Best of all, you can complete any of these workout plans quickly and easily, which means you'll have more time to get to the real fun stuff--celebrating!

The Best Workout Plans for this Fourth of July Weekend

Stay Fit on the Go

Whether you're at the beach or waiting in the airport, check here for tips about how to eat right and fit in exercise while you're traveling this holiday weekend.

Playground Workout: 29 Ways to Shed Pounds at the Park

The next time your kids want to go to the park, use it as an opportunity to burn calories! The best part about these exercises is that they're easy and accessible: all you need is a nice, sunny day and a playground!

Change Your Body--No Gym required

By burning 500 calories more than you consume each day, you'll lose one pound per week. Here are some fun and easy outdoor activities that can help you reach that goal. See if your favorite outdoor activity made the list!

The Ultimate Home Workout: 3 Home Workout Routines in One

Ultimately, the fourth of July is about having fun with your friends and family. So if you have guests coming over, and you're short on time, but still want to get a quick workout in, check out this easy 3-in-1 workout plan. Each workout routine includes three exercises, but only requires one tool (for example a medicine ball, a towel, or dumbbells, depending on the routine you choose). So grab whichever tool is right for you and fit in a quick workout before all the partying and fireworks start!

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