4 Great Tools to Make Your Life Organized

Keeping track of everything in our lives can be overwhelmingly difficult. If you ever find a way to do this so that nothing ever slips through the cracks please do tell, but in the meantime I have a few thoughts on tools that I've found that work for me. By all means, don't try to take on all of these suggestions at once. Grab one that makes the most sense for where you are in your life right now and give it a whirl. I'm not sure what they say about forming habits but I think if you incorporate something into your life in small doses and do it routinely enough, eventually it sticks - like pasta on the wall. Try one of these out and let us know how it changes your life.

Google Calendar - if you don't already have a Google account, stop what you are doing and punch yourself in the face. Seriously, sign up for a Google account and start using Google Calendar. It's the best thing you will do for you and your family. And yes, single girls, that was directed at you too. My family is all over the place: my Dad is in South Carolina, Mom is in West Virginia, my Brother and his family are in Atlanta, and my Sister is in Scottsdale. So even though it's just little ole me to fend for myself, keeping track of everyone's busy lives can be daunting. Whether you are keeping track of your own life or a million others, you can use the Google Calendar "share" function and ta-da! - you've got access to each other's lives. (Note: this does require manually updating your calendar. There's no magic fairy to do that part for you)

Moleskine - I'm obsessed with Moleskine notebooks. I use them for everything. I mean absolutely everything. I carry one in my purse everyday, and use it for journaling, jotting down notes or making lists. And I'm in love with their most recent addition, the "Passions Collection". Pick up the Wellness Journal for the simplest most amazing way to track your workouts, diet and health. I also have found a way, with the help of these smart little books, to keep track of all of those amazing bottles of wine that I've consumed over the course of my lifetime. And don't you even think about leaving Barnes & Noble without picking up the Recipe Journal... duh. Perfection.

Evernote - I'm pretty sure I don't even need to say anything else about this. One word: e-v-e-r-n-o-t-e. If you have a hard time remembering anything, well then, I've just introduced you to your new best friend. And for that I will allow you to be eternally indebted to me. I accept virtual hugs for this simple recommendation. Try it out, spend some time getting comfortable with it and please tell me how much you love me. Um... I, I love you too.

A Diary (AKA Gratitude Journal) - Every human being needs a journal. I don't really care what you use it for, but you should have a small book that fits comfortably into your handbag, or a drawer in your desk or night stand. Tip: keep a pen tucked inside of it. Use a journal to reflect on your life as you see fit, talk to yourself (don't be afraid), or write down what you are grateful for. Trust me, it will change things for you in the long run and might even save you a few hundred bucks for that therapist that you know you really need to fire.

Signing Off Hoping to Be Helpful,

- Renee

Renee Woodruff blogs about travel, food and living life to its fullest on Shape.com. Follow her on Twitter.

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