Surgeries Today

"Time Does Not Change Us, It Just Unfolds Us." -Max Frisch

Frisch might be a wise soul, but as we age, the wrinkles on our skin suggest some of us have been folded a little too long. The aging process is sneaky. One day you're a fresh-faced teenager who forgot to apply sunscreen during a long weekend at the beach and the next, you're looking back at a reflection that reveals years of sun damage and general wear and tear. You can't stop the clock, but, thanks to plastic surgery, you can certainly keep it at bay and look as young as you feel. If you're interested in plastic surgery, here are five procedures that are worth the investment.

Facelift – As the face ages, elasticity and muscle tone are lost, creating sagging skin, jowls, creases from the nose to the mouth, and even the dreaded double chin. A facelift (rhytidectomy) improves these conditions by repositioning and trimming away excess skin. The underlying foundation of connective tissue is tightened as well to produce a naturally lifted look. Incisions are typically made at the temples, ear and lower scalp. Your plastic surgeon may suggest a neck lift procedure in conjunction with the facelift. This is recommended because it improves sagging skin and wrinkles at the chin and neckline.

Eyelid Surgery – They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but as the years go by, those windows are going to need a little TLC. Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) can be performed on the upper eyelid, lower, or both, depending upon your desired outcome. Eyelid surgery can improve droopy upper eyelids, sagging lower eyelids, and in general, create a more well-rested and alert appearance.

Browlift – Also called a forehead lift, this procedure aims to correct a droopy brow line and helps to smooth creases in the skin that often make a person look worried or angry. Incisions are well hidden in the frontal hairline. When complete, the browlift helps to achieve an overall smooth appearance of the face, particularly when combined with blepharoplasty of the eyelids.

Lip Augmentation – Ladies, think plump, healthy, robust lips. The lips of your youth, not the lips of a certain former soap opera star. To achieve a full, natural look, your plastic surgeon may use a safe injectable filler (popular brands like Juvederm or Restylane), or choose to use your own fat, harvested from the thighs or buttocks.

Facial Implants – Sophia Loren may have been blessed with the high cheek bones of a model well in to her retirement years, but the rest of us probably won't be so lucky. Thankfully, chin, cheek and jaw implants can be used to create a smooth contour and improve a recessed chin or flattened cheek area.

Together, you and your surgeon will determine the type of procedures needed to achieve your desired results. As with any procedure, prices will vary and insurance does not cover the cost - so do your homework, get referrals, and always choose a board-certified plastic surgeon.