Last night's Miss USA Pageant was won by Alyssa Campanella of California. While Campanella took home the title of Miss USA, we were wowed by how many of the Miss USA 2011 contestants were so darn fit - not just skinny. While these beautiful ladies obviously have good genetics on their sides, they still have to work out to get those swimsuit-ready physiques for the Miss USA pageant. Read on for five exercises that can help you look more like the Miss USA 2011 contestants you saw last night!

1. Plank. When you're time crunched like the Miss USA 2011 contestants are, you need an exercise that works the whole body at once. And the plank is perfect for that! Great for the core and the upper body, it also works your balance and even your lower body! Try it on the ball for even more of a challenge!

2. Double-Leg Stretch. Miss USA 2011 contestants have to be graceful, long and lean at the Miss USA pageant. This Pilates move is perfect for that in that it builds deep core strength, which can help improve posture.

3. Plies. Work out your legs like Miss USA contestants by doing plies that are fabulous for working your inner thighs. For a balance and core challenge, you can even try plies on instability discs!

4. Bob Harper's Scorpion Push-Ups. It doesn't get much more full-body than this. The Scorpion Push-Up challenges your coordination and balance, all while working your lower- and upper-body at the same time!

5. Bikram Yoga. Because there is a lot of pressure on Miss USA contestants, many of them like to relax and workout with a little yoga. Bikram yoga is particularly challenging and helps to detoxify the body, while also focusing the mind.