5 Fitness-Inspired Google Logos We'd Love to See

Call us nerdy, but we love when Google changes their logo to something fun and creative. Today, the Google logo shows a moving Alexander Calder mobile to celebrate what would have been the artist's birthday. Just in case Google is looking for a few more ideas for its logo, we'd like to suggest some fitness-inspired Google logos for them to consider!

5 Fun Fitness-Inspired Google Logo Ideas

1. Yoga poses. Wouldn't it be cool if the letters were made of people doing the yoga poses, and then, when you clicked on the Google logo, it expanded into how to do the pose? We think so!

2. Jump, jump. What's more fun than jumping rope? We'd like to see the Google logo feature fit people jumping on each letter of the Google logo, encouraging people to get their jump on!

3. Soccer. With the U.S. Women's Soccer Team's match still top of mind, why not create a little mini soccer game for us to play, Google?

4. Dumbbells. We want the Google logo to help us pump it up! We'd love to see the letters in the Google logo be made of dumbbells that, when you click on them, share fun facts about the amazing benefits of strength training!

5. Homage to Jack LaLanne. On September 26, fitness icon Jack LaLanne would have turned 96. To honor this, we'd like to see Google turn its logo into an interactive juicing graphic, where you get to put all kinds of healthy veggies and fruits into a juicer for a healthy virtual drink!

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