"Baby Gaga" and 5 Other Weird Food Trends

So you haven't yet made it to London to try a $22 scoop of Baby Gaga, the breast-milk ice cream churned with vanilla pods and lemon zest and sold at an artisan ice cream parlor? This is one weird food trend that might be on the wane, as local officials recently confiscated any remaining supply, citing health concerns - though the parlor's owners swear by the milk's natural goodness.

The experts' take? "Practically, there's the concern that donors haven't been adequately screened" for diseases that can pass through the milk, says Dr. Ruth Lawrence, director of the Breastfeeding and Human Lactation Study Center at the University of Rochester Medical Center. "But the bigger philosophical issue is: there are so many small babies and sick babies who desperately need breast milk. If women have milk to give, it would be wonderful to donate it to a milk bank." (Click here for one example.) She added: "I suspect the breast milk ice cream contains only trace amounts, anyway."

After hearing about Baby Gaga, we decided to dig up some other bizarre food trends. Here are SHAPE's top five:

•Body sushi: A night of eating sushi off a naked woman's body. Read Vanity Fair's account here.

•Edible dirt: dried or charred ingredients resembling ash, sand or soil that give dishes an earthy look, aroma and flavor. Click here to see a pic.

•Savory desserts: From fish-and-chips ice cream to garlic gelato to a candy bar with bacon bits, savory flavors are encroaching upon dessert.

•Mash-ups: Cheese jerky (beef jerky in string cheese), wine-chocolate truffles, and "masala marinara", Asian/Italian pasta sauce all cropped up at food shows this year.

•Bizarre food festivals: Savor "mystery meat" at the Waikiki Spam Jam in Hawaii; lick a garlic lollipop at California's Gilroy Garlic Festival; and sample fried snake meat (if you dare) at the "Fangtastic" Rattlesnake Hunt in Oklahoma.

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