In the later years of his life, Michael Jackson was known more for making controversial headlines than music. Still, the King of Pop was definitely a pioneer of the music industry and melded different styles while adding his own take to popular genres. Here our five favorite Michael Jackson songs to add to your workout playlist today:

Top Five Michael Jackson Workout Songs:

1. Beat It: How could you not move along to this song? With its edgy, upbeat tempo, this song is perfect for any high-energy cardio workout.

2. Man in the Mirror: If you need motivation, just listen to this song. One of his earlier songs that often gets overlooked in Jackson's massive catalog of work, this is the perfect "can-do" song when you need a little reminder that yes, you can do it!

3. I Want You Back: This song is not too fast and not too slow. But it's just right if you're a beginner at running, or if you're starting a new routine, such as trail running.

4. Billie Jean: This song almost didn't make it onto Jackson's album Thriller, because of the bass. But we think the thumping bass line is partly what makes this song so good for a spinning or aerobic workout.

5. I'll Be There: Ok, so technically this is the Jackson 5, but we still think it counts. This is slow enough for a cool-down (always important!), but not so slow that it'll put you to sleep.