If you've been keeping tabs on the growing number of pros and cons of caffeine, add one to the pro list! A new study has found that caffeine may help reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Research out of Rutgers University found further evidence that caffeine plays a role in guarding against certain skin cancers at the molecular level by inhibiting a protein enzyme in the skin. While scientists have long suspected that drinking caffeine - like the kind you'd find in your daily cup of Joe - helps the skin, this new study suggests that caffeine may have a beneficial topical application, too. Scientists believe that caffeine applied directly to the skin might help prevent damaging ultraviolet light from causing skin cancer. According to the National Cancer Institute, sunlight-induced skin cancer is the most prevalent cancer in the United States with more than 1 million new cases each year.

More research is needed before we need to all go rubbing coffee on our skin, but don't be surprised if you start seeing more beauty products with a little caffeine jolt added!


Jennipher Walters is the CEO and co-founder of the healthy living websites and A certified personal trainer, lifestyle and weight management coach and group exercise instructor, she also holds an MA in health journalism and regularly writes about all things fitness and wellness for various online publications.