With an exciting Tour de France already underway, you may be feeling more motivated to hop on your bike and ride. While cycling is a great low-impact workout, there are a few tricks that can make your next workout on the bike even more effective and calorie-blasting. Read on for our top cycling tips to making the most of your next ride!

Cycling Tips: 4 Best Ways to Boost Calories When Biking

1. Get competitive. Take a cue from the Tour de France cyclists and use a bit of friendly competition to push you to go faster and longer. Grab a few of your friends and hit the road (with your helmets on, of course), seeing who can win your own version of the Tour de France.

2. Tackle hills. The Tour de France is known for having steep inclines. Climbing big hills not only builds muscle, but they also burn mega calories. So for your next bike ride, choose a hilly course and set your resistance a little higher to really feel the burn.

3. Spin it out. If you live in an area that isn't bike-friendly or if the weather isn't cooperating with your plans to get your own Tour de France on, try taking a group cycling class at a local gym. Many health clubs across the country are holding special Tour de France indoor rides that are sure to work you out. Because you're in a group setting, you'll probably work harder than you would on your own!

4. Try intervals. When it comes to burning fat and improving fitness, you can't beat intervals. Whether you're on an indoor bike or pedaling it out on the road or the trail, pick up your speed for a minute, followed by two minutes of a slower, easier pace. Do this five to 10 times for a quick yet tough workout, and you'll be feeling like a Tour de France cyclist in no time.