The secret to getting that job promotion may be right under your nose. No, not those. Look further down... to your waistline. New research from Iceland found that not only do overweight women have a harder time getting jobs than their normal-weight peers but once employed earn less, by about $13,847. Even worse, the same is not true for overweight men. It's not fair but as Jonathon Ross, host of the Discovery series Everyday Fitness, says, "In our world, perception is reality." Here, three experts share their top tips on how to get the money you deserve.

1. "Make all your choices consistent with your professional appearance. It's okay to enjoy a doughnut, just don't do it at work," says Ross who adds that while clients don't necessarily come to him for help with their jobs, after making positive healthy changes they often find the job success they've been seeking.

2. Make short-term goals. Advises Ross, "Simply ask yourself: What can I do to make tomorrow healthier than today?"

3. "Deal with issues that may be causing you to overeat," says Dr. Gregory Jantz , a weight-loss psychologist and author, adding that the three deadly emotions of anger, fear and guilt drive most food addictions.

4. "If necessary, bring it out in the open," recommends Jantz. "Just say, 'I'm concerned. Is this is a factor? I know my weight is an issue and I'm working on it.' "

5. "Let your personality shine," says Dr. "A" Will Aguila M.D., bariatric surgeon and author of Why I Don't Lose Weight: Conquering the Cycle of Obesity. "I was obese myself. I know how people look at you with contempt. This is the last bastion of discrimination but you can't internalize that. Don't be inhibited; show them you can do the job and do it better."