This Restorative Sequence Combines Static and Dynamic Stretching

In need of some static and dynamic stretching examples? Try this routine that incorporates both.

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You probably don't like feeling like you're always staying still — in a literal sense or when it comes to personal growth — and your stretching routine should be no different. If you've only been incorporating static stretching (stretches that you hold for a period of time) into your routine, you might benefit from swapping in some dynamic stretching (moving stretches).

As for when to do static vs. dynamic stretching, a good rule of thumb is to do dynamic stretching before and static stretching afterward. Dynamic stretching helps ready your muscles joints and nervous system for the work you're about to put in, which can increase your speed, endurance, and flexibility throughout the workout, Christi Marraccini, C.P.T., head coach at Tone House in New York City, previously told Shape. While static stretching also improves flexibility, it suppresses the central nervous system and relaxes your muscles.

If you're wondering how to dynamic stretch and static stretch, you can try this yoga-inspired sequence that incorporates both to challenge and restore. This routine will help relax your body and stretch out tight muscles, so do it as often as you like, but especially after a long week of workouts or an especially tough session. (

Static and Dynamic Stretching Sequence

How it works: Perform each stretch for the indicated amount of time or number of reps.

You'll need: A mat or a towel.


A. Start standing with feet hip-width apart, knees soft. Inhale deeply and sweep arms up overhead, palms facing in.

B. Exhale fully while pressing arms down and by sides.

Do three reps.

Forward Fold

A. Take a breath and sweep arms overhead.

B. Exhale, and hinge forward from the hips with a flat back, opening arms out to the side and lowering chest to become parallel to the floor.

C. Next, 'fold' upper body over legs, bringing chest to thighs, reaching hands to the floor and dropping crown of head to the ground. Allow knees to bend as much as needed to reach the floor.

Hold this position for one minute.

Downward Dog

A. From fold position, 'walk' hands forward until body resembles an upside down letter 'V,' with bodyweight divided equally between hands and feet. Press palms into the floor, reach chest towards thighs and drop heels into the ground, bending at the knees if needed.

Hold this position for one minute.


A. From downward dog, lift both heels off the floor, and slowly begin to shift weight into upper body while rounding back and rolling through the spine to drop the pelvis towards the ground (but without touching the ground). Arch through the back and lift chin and chest towards the ceiling, in upward dog.

B. Reverse the wave by tucking chin to chest and rolling back through spine, lifting hips and shifting weight back until heels touch the ground again in downward dog position. That's one rep.

Do five reps.

Warrior Lunge

A. From downward dog position, lunge right foot forward between hands, pressing hips towards the floor and keeping back leg straight.

B. Center balance and then sweep both arms out to sides and up overhead, clasping hands together while bringing body upright, looking straight ahead. Maintain a deep bend in the right knee, keeping knee behind toes and thigh parallel to the floor.

Hold this position for one minute.

Lunge Twist

A. Holding Warrior Lunge, press palms together, bending elbows out to the sides.

B. Turn torso towards the right leg, bringing left elbow across the right leg. Press left elbow into the outside of the right knee and turn chin and eyes up to the ceiling looking over the right shoulder, pressing into the left elbow to balance.

Hold this position for one minute.

Hip Stretch

A. Maintaining the lunge, slowly untwist torso, bring hands to the inside of right leg, and bend left knee to the floor, releasing the left toes to the ground. Try to lower upper body down onto elbows, shifting weight off the left leg and sinking the pelvis towards the floor to open and stretch left hip flexor and front of the thigh.

Hold this position for one minute. Repeat warrior lunge, lunge twist and hip stretch on the left side.


A. From the hip stretch, place both hands on the floor about shoulder distance apart, extend arms and press into the ground.

B. Step front foot back bringing both feet and legs together at the top of a push up position.

Hold plank pose for one minute (or less, if you're unable to hold for a minute).


A. From plank position, bend elbows and gently lower body onto the ground.

B. Lying on abdomen, bend knees and bring heels in toward body and reach back to grab feet.

C. Holding onto feet, slowly arch back and lift chest and thighs off the floor, extending as high as is comfortable. Gently release back to the floor (still holding onto feet) and then slowly extend again.

Do five reps.

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