I want it all back...

Recently I've had this overwhelming feeling of wanting to go back to my childhood and get stuck there.

Do you remember the long summer days of running barefoot, stopping only because you were hungry, needing another sip of lemonade or getting a scratch that needed bandaging? Those are the days I miss most. We didn't possess egos, even know what tomorrow was or have the slightest inkling as to what happened yesterday. They say that the only time you actually learn how to live in "the now" is when you have children. I disagree - if you can remember to way back when, when we were children ourselves, we had that very same ability, to just live, breathe and be.

Nothing else mattered.

I want that back. I want the creeks running with high waters, the early curfew that I fussed about every night, the forced foods, chores that I despised, a sandbox in my backyard, the swing set that I fell off of every other day, the trampoline I couldn't bounce high enough on, the best friends I didn't know would turn up to be distant acquaintances, the swimming pool, popsicles, watermelon, themed birthday parties, soda pop, freshly cut lawns, boys shooting hoops in my drive way, bike rides, scars, scratches, scrapes, my sister 24/7 and my brother beating me up.

I want it all back.

Signing off Yearning for Yesterday,

Renee Woodruff

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