Exclusive Workout Routines for Couples


You don't need scientific research to tell you that dragging your man to help you find the perfect pair of skinny jeans may not end well. Some ventures, on the other hand, are worth a team approach. Research shows that people who work out with a buddy lead healthier lives and stay more consistent with their fitness routines.

A University of Pittsburgh study found that women who worked out with a partner lost 33 percent more weight than those who exercised alone. That's why the editors of Shape and Men's Fitness teamed up with Sensa to bring you a 12-week program designed to get you-and your gym buddy-in amazing shape. The best part? This exclusive plan is totally free-just sign up and we'll email you a weekly workout!

Here's what you'll get:

* Fun couples workouts that rely on your own body weight-no equipment needed!

*Proven weight-loss tips

* Expert nutritional and lifestyle advice, including how sprinkling Sensa on your favorite foods can help you reach your weight-loss goals faster

* Step-by-step explanations for each exercise, along with still photos and how-to videos

* Weekly e-newsletters sponsored by Sensa, an appetite-control product that can really enhance your results, that are tailored to motivate couples to get fit for good

One more reason to sign up: You can enter to win an all-inclusive Carribbean vacation for two at the Sandals Resort of your choice! It's the perfect way to show off your hard work in the gym.

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