Fit Vacation Spots for Summer

For some, vacation is a time for kicking back, relaxing and seeing some new sites. For others though, vacation is a time to do more of what you love in a more exotic place - be active! Be it through new sports like scuba diving in the Bahamas or going to a new city with fun new classes, here are our top three vacation spots for summer!

Best Fitness Vacation Ideas for Summer

1. Bahamas. There are so many options in the Bahamas! You can try snorkeling to burn calories and see some beautiful fish, take windsurfing lessons to feel the wind in your hair or even just jog on the beautiful beaches. There are so many active options!

2. New York City. With blocks and blocks to walk, NYC is full of active options to keep your vacation fit and fun. Get a day pass at a club like Equinox or Crunch Fitness and try some of their unique classes, such as Capoeira, Barre Bootcamp or Striptease aerobics. City not your thing? See the beautiful area surrounding NYC!

3. Queenstown, New Zealand. If you're feeling like really getting away, book a flight to New Zealand! From guided walks to hiking to kayaking to snowshoeing in the winter, New Zealand has a variety of fit options!

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