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Thursday, 9-15-11: Try

When it comes to our outward appearance it goes without saying that when we look pretty, we feel pretty. And when it comes to what we use to make ourselves pretty, we have lots of choices. Read more>>

Tuesday, 9-13-11: Travel

For all of you gals out there that dream of traveling, but can't seem to find the perfect pal to accompany you on your journeys, I've found the quintessential words of advice for you. Read more>>

Thursday, 9-8-11: Try

I am not a runner. At least that's what I kept telling myself until one day, I put on a pair of running shoes and began running without any idea of where I'd end up. Read more>>

Tuesday, 9-6-11: Try

I've never in my life felt a sense of depression ordering a glass of my go-to red wine, but the other night that's exactly how I felt as I realized that summer is coming to an end. Read more>>

Thursday, 8-25-11: Truth

I'm obsessed with scented candles, the shimmer of light they provide and the pleasant smell they leave lingering around my apartment. Read more>>

Tuesday, 8-23-11: Taste

Traveling often calls for chaos, last-minute packing, and if you're anything like me, a mad dash to the grocery store to acquire the necessary things to keep the good ole tummy tied over to prevent indulging in unhealthy airport food. So, for all of my fellow travelers out there, you're gonna love this handy snack guide that I've pulled together with the help of foodie-expert, Food Network Star and bestselling author, Lisa Lillien. Read more>>

Thursday, 8-18-11: Truth

The truth is, I'm gassy. I have gas and lots of it. I'm pretty sure there are days I could fuel a car for a cross-country trip with the amounts of gas my body produces. For as long as I can remember, my family and friends would poke fun of me for always complaining about how my tummy hurt...Read more>>

Tuesday, 8-16-2011: Taste

Last week was an incredibly busy one and filled with more social events than usual. Over the weekend, I started reflecting on everything I had experienced and was touched by two facts. Read more>>

Thursday, 8-11-11: Try

It was a humbling moment when I was asked to participate in the LOFT Girl Ambassador Program that was founded earlier this year...Read more>>

Tuesday, 8-9-11: Travel

I've been most fortunate with regards to being "mobile; hence, the "Girl-on-the-Go" title for my blog. I have been blessed with an Internet-based career where I've worked for great companies that find value in a balance between work and life. Read more>>

Thursday, 8-4-11: Truth

I would never claim these words as my own, but somewhere along the way, I've captured them and because of the impact they've had on my life, I'd like to share them with you. Read more>>

Tuesday, 8-2-11: Taste

There's nothing I hate more than craving something like a refreshing smoothie on a hot summer day or following a long productive workout and being forced...Read more>>

Thursday, 7-28-11: Try

I think it's safe to say that I have a family that is moderately obsessed with one another. We're unique in that my twin sister Rachel and I arrived into this world on the same exact day that my brother showed up, only two years later. So, we all share the same birthday (July 25th), we're all Leo's and we're all tolerably unhinged...Read more >>

Tuesday, 7-26-11: Travel

Anyone who knows me well knows that I like being away from New York as much as I like being in it. Weekend getaways are my absolute favorite and are a great way to explore new areas, spend quality time with friends and create new memories through the everlasting desire of pushing past my comfort zone...Read more >>

Thursday, 7-21-11: Truth

While I was visiting my sister a while back, we were laying in her bed together and chatting while her husband was out of town (something we often do but never tell. Shhhhh!). It occurred to us that our all-time No. 1 favorite place in the whole entire wide world is in our beds...Read more>>

Tuesday, 7-19-11: Taste

The absolute easiest thing to make on a hot summer night is salad. Cooking has become something I've learned to really love, but I'll be the first to admit, it's time consuming and takes a certain level of dedication to do...Read more >>

Thursday, 7-14-11: Try

Ellen Piccolo, fashion guru for Tommy Bahamas, dear friend, and the most fashionable woman I know, always isnpires my sense of style. I feel strongly that I would be robbing the world of something special if I didn't take this opportunity to have her talk to us about fashion...Read more >>

Tuesday, 7-12-11: Travel

I'm such a sucker for hunting the best places to rest my head while spending time away from home. I'll usually spend hours reading reviews on websites and emailing friends for feedback on their experiences...Read more >>

Thursday, 7-7-11: Truth

Having bigger bosoms makes simple things in life more difficult than they should be. I'm not necessarily speaking from experience; I'm just sayin. For example, things like running full-speed or even trotting for that matter, become tedious and somewhat painful experiences. Read more >>

Tuesday, 7-5-11: Taste

One thing I most love to do is read my magazines in bed, with my pen and paper nearby ready to capture the profound things I learn. I've always sworn by food and the meaning of it in terms of defining our social lives. Read more >>

Tuesday, 6-28-11: Travel

Meet Alexi Mintz, Cofounder of, one of the more brilliantly thought-out ideas I've heard of in a while. is exactly what you think it is, a one stop shop for all of your favorite TSA friendly beauty products. Read more >>

Thursday, 6-23-11: Truth

One of my best girlfriends, Kelly, who you'll be hearing a lot about in this blog, was 29 years old, married and just had her first baby; a beautiful girl named Chloe Marion. You see, Kelly is one of many who have (or eventually will have) children who battle what she elegantly refers to as being "skinny fat." Read more >>

Tuesday, 6-21-11: Taste

Living in New York has provided me many amazing experiences and exposure to equally as many amazing people, Jared Koch being one of them. I'd like for you to meet the man behind the book and website, Clean Plates. Read more >>

Thursday, 6-16-11: Try

Living in Manhattan means most of us don't typically have the luxury of having big bath tubs. Therefore, bathing either consists of scrubbing down in the hole you stand in under a make-shift showerhead or squeezing your bum into the smallest space imaginable in the effort of achieving horizontal relaxation. Read more >>

Tuesday, 6-14-11: Travel

A list of my favorite tips, tricks and some useful websites that we can all benefit from the next time we are planning a get-a-way. Read more >>

Thursday, 6-9-11: Truth

Recently I've had this overwhelming feeling of wanting to go back to my childhood and get stuck there. Read more >>

Tuesday, 6-7-11: Taste

For as long as I can remember what I've enjoyed most is talking with folks that are far more experienced than I am in areas of personal interest and taking in their advice to make changes to my life for the better. Read more >>

Thursday, 6-2-11: Try

Waking up is hard to do. For me, some mornings it seems impossible. Not for dreadful reasons like fearing the day, the rain outside, or lack of sleep. It's really because I love my bed so much. Read more >>

Tuesday, 5-31-11: Travel

I discovered this little piece of southern comfort when perusing one of my favorite discount travel websites, Jetsetter, a few years ago, and I've thanked this stumble-upon experience ever since. Read more >>

Thursday, 5-26-11: Truth

Know it's technically past the beginning of the New Year, and I'm a little late to the game but who says you can't create resolutions any time you feel moved to declare your new state of mind? Read more >>

Tuesday, 5-24-11: Taste

While visiting with my twin sister, Rachel, a few weeks ago in Scottsdale, AZ, the city she's called home for the past ten years, we were on our usual mission of taste testing some of the new restaurants in town. Read more >>

Thursday, 5-19-11: Try

Keeping track of everything in our lives can be overwhelmingly difficult. If you ever find a way to do this so that nothing ever slips through the cracks please do tell, but I have a few thoughts on tools that I've found that work for me. Read more >>

Tuesday, 5-17-11: Travel

I recently spent a day touring around Asheville, North Carolina. It was unexpectedly quaint, surprisingly close to my dad's newly built lake house and a town that welcomes the unfamiliar with open arms. Read more >>

Thursday, 5-12-11: Introduction

Hi. It's me. Renee. I've come to inspire you, to give you that push you've been seeking, and to hold your hand as you take a leap toward your better self. Read more >>