Kicking Off New Resolutions on Memorial Day

I know it's technically past the beginning of the New Year, and I'm a little late to the game but who says you can't create resolutions any time you feel moved to declare your new state of mind? Let's make life a little more interesting by choosing not to follow all of the rules. With Memorial Day weekend about to kick off the beginning of beach season and summer fun, I thought I'd create some new beginnings for myself.

Here they are. They are short, simple and to the point.

One. Cook more.

Two. Go green.

Three. Be dependable.

Yep, that's it. You might ask, well, why?

To shed a little color around these "resolutions" that I've created for myself in this new year and for what it's worth, a new decade I thought to myself, be concise. Make them achievable. And don't make them about health, money or career. After all, there is more to life than that, right?

Cooking. It's about my aspiration to be more than I already am. To be a provider. To create. To learn and to share. I want to be good in the kitchen. For now, for myself. But for later, for others. I think about it more often than not. Being a good wife and being a good mom. I am neither in my current state but one day I hope to be both. Cooking to me is a way to learn, to experiment, to socialize, to relax, to meditate and to create. So far this year I've found it to be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable additions into my life. So there. I want to cook. More.

Going green. Sort of cliche in this worldly state. But I admit, I think about this a lot. About the little things that I can do to make a difference. Even if they are small, I aspire to do good. To make this world a better place. I don't practice medicine, teach and I definitley don't love nearly as much as I should but the one thing I can do is drink my daily coffee out of a glass mug and forgo the paper and plastic. We all have our places in life and for me, this is simple. I have vowed to no longer use plastic at work, ever. I will eat my oatmeal from a glass bowl, refill my glass mug with coffee or tea and use my reusable plastic cup to sip water from. That's my definition of going green. I'll think of even more meaningful ways to do better things over time. But for today, this is my simple attempt at being a better person.

Depend. It's something we all wish we could do on our friends, family and loved ones. I have a strong belief that living in New York we automatically become less dependable. We are the queen and kings of canceling plans and always being on the lookout for a better option to come along. So for my new year I want to be one thing to all people. Whether it's a co-worker, friend, lover or family member. I want anyone that knows me to know that they can depend on me. No. matter. what. The goal here is simple. Under-promise and over-deliver. Duh. I can do this. Being dependable is one of the strongest qualities that I think any human can posses in our world today and this is what I strive to be.... dependable. Note to myself: When you say you're going to do something, do it. When you promise to bring something, bring it. When you tell someone something you say you mean, mean it. When you borrow something, return it. When you don't know how to do it, ask. When you know it better than someone else, help. When you tell someone you'll be there, be on time.

Signing off a Being a Better Person,

-- Renee

Renee Woodruff blogs about travel, food and living life to its fullest on Follow her on Twitter.

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