Kirstie Alley has struggled with her weight for years. Could the grueling training for "Dancing with the Stars" be her ticket to a healthy body? On Tuesday, she Tweeted: "Getting stronger and stronger every day ... and feeling more and more alive ... this dancing is good for the soul." We at SHAPE know that loving your workout means you're more likely to stick to it – for good. Kirstie, check out our ideas on how to keep motivated.

Gisele Bundchen has lost her baby weight...and then some. The Brazilian model looked a little too skinny on Monday when she danced the samba on a float in Rio de Janeiro for Carnival. Gisele, fill up on a little home cooking while you're in Brazil...and make sure you get the fuel you need with these power foods.

Ke$ha: ratty hair, pierced nails, studded eyebrows, trash bag dress. We're itching to give her a good shampoo...and a dress that's not designed for the garbage dump. Ke$ha, here's how to revamp your wardrobe enough to clean up your act just a bit.

Snooki Polizzi is ready to rumble! The pouf, the harsh tan, the jewelry that looks like it could hurt someone...this bratty brawler should fit right in on WWE Raw next Monday. We suggest toning down (and classing up) her look with our accessory essentials.

Britney Spears has graced a few recent worst-dressed lists for the skimpy, body-clinging outfits that don't exactly flatter her figure. We could speak for more than a few of her outfits when we say: "(Don't) Hold It Against Me" (the title of her latest music vid). Brit, let us show you how to dress your body type.

Jessica Simpson, like every other bride, is frantically struggling to shed pounds for her wedding – working with celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson (Gwyneth and Madonna's go-to gal) to cram in enough weight loss before the big day. Jessica, you're not alone! Take a deep breath and try our exclusive Sexy Bride Workout Plan...and, yes, you will look stunning on your wedding day.

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