By Jessica Smith
June 28, 2011

These cardio kickboxing moves make one serious calorie burning and lower body-shaping workout. Do these moves back-to-back without rest, taking a brief rest in between rounds. Try to do two to three rounds of these moves in total.

You may want to hold onto a wall or chair for balance for one of these drills, and you may need a mat for the floor work.

WATCH THE VIDEO for moves demonstrations and form tips.

The Workout:

Drill #1: Jab & Knee Combo

Start in a "fighting stance" (your right foot forward, left back, elbows bent in front of body, hands in fists just outside of your cheeks). Jab (punch) your left arm, turning your left hip forward and lifting your left heel off the floor as you punch. Quickly bend elbow back in and jab from the right arm turning right hip into punch. Repeat jab left and right. Turn left shoulder forward and draw right knee up and into body two times. That's one set. Do this set 10 times in total. Move at a quick tempo, building your speed as you gain accuracy with your movements.

Repeat series on the other side.

Drill #2: Side Kick Series

(You may want to hold onto the back of a chair or a wall for balance during this move)

Chamber Knee (eight times)

With your right arm holding on for balance, pivot your right heel forward and then bend your left knee in front of your chest and flex your left foot out to the side of your body, with your left arm bent, hand in fist by your face. Lower left leg down to the floor. That's one rep. Repeat eight times.

Side Kick Press (eight times)

Draw knee into chamber position, and then extend left leg out to the side of your body, pressing out through the heel of your flexed foot. Keep arm up and drawn in, and then return knee to chamber. That's one rep. Repeat eight times.

Side Kick (eight times)

From chamber position, press your left leg out to the side quickly, drawing knee back into chamber and then lower left leg back to the floor. That's one rep. Repeat eight times.

Repeat series on the other side.

Drill #3: Roundhouse

Horse Stance Hold (30 seconds)

Start standing with your feet wider than hip-width apart, with your knees and toes turned out slightly. Bend knees over toes about 90 degrees and bend elbows, pulling hands in fists outside of ribcage. Hold this position for 30 seconds.

Chamber Hold (eight times)

Shift your weight into your right leg, and draw your left leg up, bending your knee in line with your hip, open to the side and use your left arm to pull your left heel in towards your body. Release and lower left leg to the ground. That's one rep. Repeat eight times.

Roundhouse Kick (eight times)

From the chamber position (without the arm hold) extend your left leg out to the side, keeping toes pointed ‘whipping' the leg out (think of striking an object with your shin or the top of your sneaker) and then bend the knee back in quickly and lowering the leg to the ground. That's one rep. Repeat eight times.

Repeat series (including horse stance) on the other side.

Drill #4: Back Kick

Back Kick (eight times)

You may want a towel or a mat to kneel on for this move. Start on all fours, and curl your right heel in towards your body, flexing your right foot. Press right leg back behind your shoulder, pushing the right leg away from you, extending it fully. Bend knee and return to start position, without letting right knee touch the floor. That's one rep. Repeat eight times.

Back Kick Quick (16 times)

Repeat the back kick, but speed up your tempo, 16 times. Make sure to keep abs drawn in and upper body solid and steady as you move your leg faster.

Back Extension (16 times)

Keep right leg extended at hip height, foot flexed, and press leg up higher behind the hip, squeezing through your right hip as you lift leg. Lower back to hip level. That's one rep. Repeat 16 times, quickly.

1 Leg Plank Hold (30 seconds)

Keeping right leg straight, lower right foot to the floor, tucking toes under. Draw your abs in tight and lift your left knee off the floor, keeping it bent and pressing your left foot into the inner thigh of your right leg. Hold for 30 seconds.

Repeat series on the other side.


Sitting cross-legged, reach left arm across right knee, bringing chest over right inner thigh. Hold for three deep breaths. Repeat on other side.